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Reuben F. Scarf is a leading menswear brand establish in 1937 Sydney.

Reuben F Scarf is proudly Australian owned and operated and has been continuously trading since 1937, specialising in fine mens suiting including weddings and formal events. With a foucs on tailoring, Reuben F Scarf offers a comprehensive collection of suiting, tuxedos, sports jackets, blazers, shirting, shoes, accessories and casual wear.


The Reuben F Scarf award 

The Reuben F Scarf Foundation award contributes to many deserving and charitable causes of many kinds and creeds, both in Australia and overseas. The Reuben F Scarf Award for Commitment is one of those deserving causes. It is offered to every school in New South Wales and held a special significance for Mr. Scarf, as he believed that "young people who are persistent and dedicated, are the ones who ultimately reach their goals. A little recognition and help can be the magic tha builds the confidence necessary to start them on their way upwards."


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