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Reuben F. Scarf is a leading menswear brand established in 1937 Sydney.

Reuben F Scarf is proudly Australian owned and operated and has been continuously trading since 1937, specialising in fine mens suiting including weddings and formal events. With a focus on tailoring, Reuben F. Scarf offers a comprehensive collection of suiting, tuxedos, sports jackets, blazers, shirting, shoes, accessories and casual wear.


The Reuben F. Scarf award 

The Reuben F. Scarf Foundation award contributes to many deserving and charitable causes of various kinds and creeds, both in Australia and overseas. The Reuben F. Scarf Award for Commitment is one of those deserving causes. It is offered to every school in New South Wales and holds a special significance for Mr. Scarf, as he believed that "young people who are persistent and dedicated, are the ones who ultimately reach their goals. A little recognition and help can be the magic that builds the confidence necessary to start them on their way upwards."

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